Someday, I want to love somebody that much

I spent my down time this rainy Thursday eve watching The Hunger Games, Catching Fire. ‘Shock!’ I hear cry anyone who has spent more than five minutes with me since I discovered the captivating trilogy.

This quote isn’t actually in the books, and despite J.Law being totes flawless, we all know books are waaay better than films can ever hope to be. Yet still, this movie-only quote, so potently sticks out to me every single time.

Here’s why.

Most girls, and women for that matter, spend their days worrying a guy may never see past their killer morning breath and all too frequent zits, to be truly, madly in love with them.

How many of your female friends have poured over Nicholas Sparks books and chick flicks until they’re making mental lists of seventy-two conflicting ways they need to change before an actual male would even look at them, let alone whisk her of to Pari to get down on one knee?

What I’m getting at, is it is far more common to hear ‘What if no one ever loves me that much’ than ‘What if I never love someone that much?’. It’s the possible absence of the latter that scares me to death.

Now I’m not saying I’m not also slightly panicky over the former, simply that I let this go over my head. Come eya cats; you lot and I have some dying alone to do..

But seriously – how long before I casually bump into a guy I can be 110% myself around, who brings out parts of me I never knew existed, who I’d pause The Hunger Games for just to have a conversation with? Oh, and at the same time has a beautiful face, killer arms and here’s the tricky part: is taller than me.

Consider this with my apparent heart of stone and tendency to get bored after the same amount of days as Kim K’s marriages last and it’s not likely to be any time soon.

But hey, I’m only 21 and I got a lotta loving me to do before I’m ready to unconditionally give my heart, body, soul and time to a male anyway.

Which scares you more? Comment below and let me know!

Char x