Hey, it’s OK..

If you can handle your units better than your E-numbers. Too many Tootie Fruities on your lunch break = serious giggling fit in front of your manager. (True story)

If you can’t actually handle your units either…

To pretend like you know nothing about your best boy mates new (irritatingly beautiful) girlfriend when first introduced, despite having intensely IG stalked her. We all do it.

To move seats on public transport because the person opposite/next to/anywhere near you is crunching crisps at an intolerable decibel.

To turn to twitter to find out how your closest friends’ weekend was instead of actually asking them.

To subsequently text them anyway – you seriously have to know who that indirect was about.

That you once ate a whole bag of microwave popcorn to yourself. OK, to nearly always eat a whole bag to yoursel.. Ok – to have done it twice this week.

To own five cookbooks but only ever try out recipes from one. Yupp, even if it’s ‘A quick recipe collection by Sainsburys’.. (I’ll obvs move on when I’ve mastered it; baby steps and all that!)

To have sported more of your best friends’ wardrobe lately than your own.

To only ever get your five a day from 241 cocktails.

For every single one of the above to have applied to you at least once… Please note: this does however, mean you are as strange as me – Sorry about that!

What your #HeyItsOK this June!? Let me know. Or, actually, let @GlamourMagUK know. They’re much cooler than me.

Char x