Blogging around

For far too long now I’ve toyed with the idea of starting one fo these. I’ve often found myself looking back on events and wishing I had had a blog or journal in play so I could go back and relive my own real-time account of such.

When reminiscing over photos I would feel as though, despite a picture portraying a 1000 words and all that, a wordless snapshot was not enough to delve into my mind. A picture can only satisfy one sense, words – if chosen correctly, can do justice to them all. Truth is any picture I have would be one used merely to support words, for it is creative art that truely portrays a 1000 words, not something took on ya’ Iphone.

Oh, and then there is my odd desire to decide in what it is I believe:

Writing is the only way I have to explain my own life to myself – Pat Conroy.

At my tender age of twenty-one, the world moves so very fast and little time is left to appreciate that fact or appreciate how far you have came; how much things have changed; how special an experience was. I found myself trapped within this self-created, yet extremely vicious, wannabe bloggers lost opportunity cycle; forever experiencing amazing adventures I wished to vividly remember, but having no place to store them or personal feelings I needed to fathom into words but no outlet to create them.

And yeah, so, the above slightly-deep-ramblings of a newbee blogger bring me to the present second and you to this blog.

I hope you enjoy reading!

Lottsa love, Char x
blog three


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