If you only try three things this June..

Nutella and breadsticks. A habit I picked up during a recent trip to Venice (cuz um, Italians invented Nutella didn’t you know..) and haven’t spent a single second trying to kick since. Seriously, just do it – you’ll never look back.

Hotel K. My lovely housemate, Charlotte Jones, is fast becoming the personal librarian I never had. A few days ago she leant me this and it’s been a part of my anatomy ever since; I can NOT put it down! An intoxicatingly addictive insight into Bali’s most notorious jail by Kathryn Bonella. The first hand twisted tales of life in Hotel Kerobokan will leave you mesmerised for all the wrong reasons.

Pole dance. I’ve always been secretly tempted by the idea; gyms are really not my thing. Again at the influence of Miss Jones, for the past four weeks I’ve spent my Tuesday evenings gaining minor battles wounds as I attempt to ‘elegantly’ navigate my naturally clumsy limbs around a pole. And I’m loving it.

Only two weeks to go until my first grading.. Eeek.

What are you loving this June? Are you a secret fan of any of the above too? Let me know!

Lottsa love, Char x


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